Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: making great music personal

what does LACO bring to your life?

When LACO asked concertgoers to respond in one word — “What does LACO bring to your life?” — we learned that for our patrons, LACO concerts offer more than just great music.

in a few words

Creativity. Escape. Joy. Happiness. Delight. Beauty. Pleasure. Excitement. Calm. Health. Vitality. Inspiration. Color. Lightness. Tranquility. Mozart (of course). Adventure. Great Fun!

It is evident that when LA’s most versatile musicians come together for a powerful performance, their artistry, passion and energy converge on stage to create transcendent moments that stay with us for a lifetime. LACO brings great music to life, but we don’t do it alone. It is music lovers like YOU who bring LACO to life. Your support makes all LACO programs possible.

what does LACO bring to your life?

It’s your turn to share! Email Caroline Benz and you might see your answer appear on Facebook or Twitter.

because one word just isn’t enough

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to learn, however, that LACO brings not just one, but many great things to life. Here are the heartfelt responses from those who couldn’t answer with just one word:

“Wonderful programming with a mix of the classical and usually a new composer – close to home – see our friends – feels like a family.”
Friend of LACO

“Joy, beauty, tranquility and transcendence. Thank heaven for LACO!”
Friend of LACO

“I’m supporting LACO because it fits three critical criteria: the highest quality performers and performances, commissioning of new works (the lovely “Sound Investment”), and a team that is respectful, professional and fun. It’s a pleasure to be part of the LACO community which distinguishes itself in the crowded LA music scene with excellent, innovative evenings.”
Raulee Marcus, LACO concert sponsor

“Inspiring art, beauty and stimulating new ideas and thoughtful recall of music I’ve heard before.”
Friend of LACO

“Season tickets since 1979. Love the musicianship, the spirit, the focus at the performances.”
Friend of LACO

“My husband Luke and I support [LACO à la carte] events because we love the beautiful music and honor the skill and dedication of LACO musicians, and need for this musical genre to flourish. We especially enjoy the à la carte series because in our insular professional worlds, we are thrilled to be able to enjoy live classical music in the beautiful settings with other like-minded folk. We value the opportunity to enjoy sumptuous food and stimulating conversations inspired by the music with new found friends.”
Lauren Wing pictured above with Luke Brown, LACO à la carte supporters

“It brings life to life!”
Friend of LACO

“It is life!”
Friend of LACO

“Commissioning new music through LACO makes me feel connected to the future of music in the most direct way possible. It is a rare opportunity to potentially play that mysterious count who commissioned the Mozart Requiem without being an aristocrat or just enjoy intellectually and emotionally invigorating new works that would not otherwise exist. And I know the composers whose work I support are expertly plucked by an amazing staff right from the bleeding edge of the creative minds in my own generation.”
Farid Ben Amor, LACO Sound Investment member

“A reminder that there is a community dedicated to producing harmony and sounds for dance, pleasure [and] reflection.”
Friend of LACO

“There’s nobody who plays classical music as well as the musicians at LACO. I know them all.”
Friend of LACO

Jeffrey Kahane pictured above with LAUSD students

“Even though I do not have a musical background, I find that the LACO music is quite enriching. These are challenging times, and to be able to produce first class music is quite an achievement for LACO. Musicians, staff and Board feel like a family, and we have all embraced the challenges. I believe strongly in the power of the hope and inspiration to youngsters that comes with attending even a single concert, to be able to help provide joy and inspiration to thousands of students in elementary schools around Los Angeles through LACO’s Meet the Music program, is very powerful. I am proud, and privileged, to support an organization that brings these educational programs, that may be life changing, to those who will shape our future.”
Roberto Apelfeld, LACO Board member

“Good music which the world needs to have constantly!”
Friend of LACO

“The opportunity to vicariously experience the creation of music.”
Friend of LACO

LACO concerts let me share moments of exhilaration, sorrow, victory, joy, and contemplation with my husband and 800 other music lovers.”
Kaesa Footracer pictured above with Lee Parmerter, LACO volunteers

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