Unless otherwise noted, all extensions correspond to LACO’s primary telephone number 213 622 7001.

interim managing director
Lacey Huszcza
x 202


director of institutional giving
Michelle Weger
x 203

print & digital media manager
Caroline Benz
x 215

development associate
Justin Pressman
x 207

development associate
Anna Muriello
x 206

special events intern
Dana Robie
x 204


director of finance
Karin Burns
x 208

accounts payable & payroll associate
Nadine Arita
x 220


director of marketing
Nicolette Atkins
x 209

senior marketing & patron services associate
Carrie Stephens
x 210

box office & marketing associate
Jerusha Liu
x 201

marketing & patron services intern
James Gatchel
x 211

production & education

director of artistic administration
Daren Fuster
x 213

associate director, production & education
Shawne Zarubica
x 212

production & education intern
Jenna Friedman
x 221

community engagement intern
Zachary Groll

library advisor
Laurel Diskin

public relations

Libby Huebner
562 799 6055

Laura Stegman
310 470 6321