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"Leonora Jackson" Stradivarius

The 1714 “Leonora Jackson” is unusual in that there are fewer holes in its ownership lineage than many other Strads. After it spent a long time in the hands of various European aristocrats, Hungarian violinist Joseph Joachim (1831 – 1907) acquired it around 1880. In 1904, the instrument came to American violinist Leonora Jackson McKim, from whom it takes its name, probably through her connection to Joachim.

After two years at the Paris Conservatory, Jackson was able to go to Berlin, where she studied with Joseph Joachim for four years. She made her professional debut in 1896 under his baton with the Berlin Philharmonic and was immediately in demand as a soloist, giving performances for the royalty of Europe. By 1900, she was back in the United States performing prolifically. She acquired the Strad that bears her name in 1904 and continued concertizing with it until her marriage in 1915, eventually selling it in 1919. Sadly, Leonora Jackson, who stands as one of America’s first great female violinists, died in obscurity in 1969.

After the sale in 1919, the “Leonora Jackson” was held privately until purchased by Dr. William & Professor Judy Sloan.

"Leonora Jackson"  Stradivarius

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