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european tour 2008

a day off in venice, treviso and the fazioli factory

March 03, 2008

a day off in venice, treviso and the fazioli factory

It was a short bus ride from Ferrara to Treviso, where the theater, if anything, was even more beautiful to look at and certainly more beautiful acoustically than the one in Ferrara. We’ve tried to give you a sense of this from one of the photos, and I don’t think you really get a sense of how absolutely gorgeous that theater is. It was small, it was absolutely full, although there were a few no-shows in the orchestra, sadly. But the tickets were sold out and we had to scrounge to get a few tickets for friends, in fact.

Kasarova has an amazing voice. Andrea said that she was “a true Diva, in the greatest sense,” with her incredible stage presence. She had rehearsed with us in Ferrara two days before and then sang with us in concert in Treviso for the first time. The audience loved her and loved the Orchestra. We got an incredibly warm reception and once again got to play an encore, which was very exciting.

Then we had our last, for a long time to come now, day off, which most of us spent in Venice. For many people it was their first trip to Venice, which was very exciting. Julie Gigante, Margaret Batjer, Cooney and I spent a good part of the day together, and you’ll see a photo of Margaret and Julie in the piazza in front of the Basilica di San Marco. In the meantime, Jeff went to Sacile to see the Fazioli factory and visit with Paulo Fazioli, maker of his favorite pianos, and he’s going to tell you about that.

[Jeffrey Kahane]: Needless to say, traveling to Sacile to see the home of the Fazioli piano, where the instrument was born, and to get a personal tour from Paulo Fazioli, who is really an amazing genius, and see the extraordinary process from the very beginning to end of how these amazing instruments are made was one of the great, most moving and thrilling experiences I’ve ever had as a musician. I ended up with an opportunity to play a Fazioli in the beautiful little gem of a concert hall that Paulo Fazioli has had built at the factory. Then, topping that off, I ended up in a room with six nine-foot Fazioli concert grands. The whole experience was absolutely magical for Andrea and Dan and Martha and me. I was only sorry that I couldn’t afford to bring home all six of those Faziolis!

Visit the LACO gallery to see photos and find a link to a video of Jeff’s fantastic trip to the Fazioli factory.


Love your blogs from Europe. Keep up the good work. Lore

  • —Hannelore Kahane, March 04, 2008 01:29 pm

What a wonderful job you all are doing communicating the details and experiences of the tour. We poor left-behind LACO spouses are living vicariously through the pictures and blogs, while feeling incredibly sorry for ourselves and planning our many weeks of payback for keeping the home-fires burning.

Keep knocking them dead over there!!!

  • —Joel McNeely, March 05, 2008 05:26 pm

I am glad you enjoy your time!

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