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December 05, 2008

The arts are such an important part of our community. Keeping the arts alive is vital to the health of our communities’ hearts and souls. With this in mind, LACO wanted to contribute some ideas to the GiveList.

The GiveList is sweeping the social networking world. People on Twitter, Facebook & all over the internet are adding to this incredible “resource of ways to support communities and causes this holiday season that don’t necessarily require writing a check.”

At LACO, we wanted to create a GiveList of ways that people can contribute to their favorite arts organizations that don’t involve writing a check. Many organizations are in need of money right now, so if you have the means, remember that every dollar matters to an organization in need. But arts organizations have needs outside of funds as well, and there are many ways that you can make a difference without writing a check. Here is our list of 16 ways (in no particular order) to give to your favorite arts organizations this holiday season:

  1. Volunteer your time – arts organizations need docents, people to help with administrative time, and people to help with events. Your time can be worth even more than money
  2. Call a friend and tell them about your favorite concert or piece of art. Word of mouth is the best way to spread the mission of an organization
  3. Write a letter to the editor of the opinion section of your local paper to tell them about the importance of the arts in your community
  4. Have a listening party in your home (can be around a broadcast of your favorite symphony or your favorite recording). The holidays are a great time to get together and share great music with friends.
  5. Write or call your congressperson to thank them for the increase in the NEA budget for this year, and to encourage them to continue supporting the arts. Find your Congressperson here.
  6. If you are a musician or an artist, teach a lesson to a child for free
  7. Send CDs of your favorite music to the troops overseas (ok, this one costs a little, but it is a great gift to give someone far away from home)
  8. Someone you know probably loves the arts, but is unable to drive. Offer them a ride to his/her favorite concert or museum and see how much joy that brings!
  9. Serve on a city level or neighborhoods arts council to help direct funds to arts organizations in need
  10. Call your favorite arts organization and offer to distribute brochures to a local coffee shop or bookstore
  11. If you are a café/restaurant/bar owner, create a signature dish or drink and name it in honor of your favorite organization
  12. Create a wish list of your favorite arts organizations, and ask people to make donations in your name rather than buying you presents for the holidays
  13. Attorneys can call California Lawyers for the Arts and offer his or her services
  14. Write a blog post about a cause/charity that you are passionate about. Include a link to the cause/charity (OK, I borrowed this great idea from @rogercarr but it’s a good one!)
  15. Contribute, audition, comment on or follow the YouTube Symphony Orchestra project
  16. If your favorite arts organization has a blog, a facebook page, or some other form of social networking – leave a comment, post on their wall, or just send them an email telling them what you love about that organization.

Can you think of more? Share them here in the comments, and we will pass them along via twitter, facebook & more!

I also wanted to share a few things that LACO is doing this season to help out in our community:

40 for 40
In honor of LACO’s 40th anniversary, we’re bringing new listeners to the concert hall to share the music you love. For each Orchestral Series and Family Concert performance this season, we will provide a deserving community group with 40 free tickets and transportation to the concert. See a sample of organizations that are participating.

Meet the Music
Next Friday is LACO’s first Meet the Music concert. This great program provides the opportunity for thousands of schoolchildren in the LAUSD to attend a professional orchestra program designed specifically to allow them to see a performance, interact with musicians and learn more about music in general. You can learn more about this program, and watch a fun video at laco.org/meetmusic

Neighborhood Concerts
In cooperation with other local organizations, the Orchestra performs in the community for our Neighborhood Concerts. LACO comes to local neighborhood churches, schools and other venues throughout the region. Tickets are affordably priced and some are always available for free. The 2008-09 Neighborhood Concerts have not yet been announced. Keep watch for more information

We have been offering lots of great discounts. Become our friend on facebook, follow us on twitter and/or sign up for eLACO to be sure you are in the know about discounts and special offers.


This is a really terrific list. Thanks for posting and sharing the givelist word.

As someone who had already selected to give to/of the arts in some way, this is a great list to find. I've tried to spread the URL as far and wide as I can.

As a brand new World Class Orchestra, 50 strong under International and US National Conductor Donald Covert we have found that the best way to generate interest in the Performances that we offer is by inviting talented children to join the Professional Musicians on stage. Andrew Singer, co-Founder SFLPHL.

Thanx for sharing this valuable info. Keep it coming :)

  • —Music Development, July 01, 2009 07:27 am

Glad to see your using social networking. More orchestras and composers, conductors, etc should be doing this to connect with their audience. I like the mention about the Youtube Symphony Orchestra, too!

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