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what is meet the music, and how does it happen?

March 24, 2010

This past Friday, March 19, LACO held the last of three Meet the Music concerts this season.

what is meet the music?
Meet the Music is our educational series in which we invite students from the LAUSD elementary schools to attend a free concert at the Colburn School. This particular program was made up of chamber music selections, but we often perform works that are a part of our main subscription series. This concert demonstrated different sizes of ensembles using chamber music that got progressively larger throughout the performance. We try to create a learning environment in which students can gain an understanding of great classical works while realizing that all music is made up of the same elements. In order to prepare the students, we create materials that are presented at each of the schools that attend. Participating teachers are also supplied with materials and lesson plans that fit into their classroom curriculum.

Meet the Music consists of two concerts; one at 10:30 am and the other at 11:15 am. Many of you driving or trying to walk down Grand Ave in front of the Colburn School probably saw all of the children lined up outside. Since it was not raining for this concert, we had the luxury of lining the schools up outside as they got off the bus. (It was raining on the 2nd Meet the Music concert and we had to keep everyone inside. Rain always causes a large amount of fairly controlled chaos.) Lining the schools up allows LACO staff to check in each of the schools, gather an accurate count and distribute our Meet the Music stickers to all of the students. The students enter Zipper Hall with the help of the wonderful Colburn Staff. After the first concert, the schools are released and the second groups of students are seated. Each concert lasts about an hour and includes a question and answer period where the students can ask any questions about the music or the lives of the musicians. My favorite questions this time were asking about the differences between the string instruments and why Jeffrey Kahane chose this music to play.

By the end of the day, the LACO staff was very exhausted but felt incredibly grateful that we were able to provide students with an opportunity to experience something that is new to them, and hopefully show them that classical music is not just for adults.

Check out some of the pictures from this last concert!

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