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September 27, 2011

ritornello is the real thing

September 24 & 25 marked the opening of LACO’s season and the opening concert of Jeffrey Kahane’s 15th – or “crystal” – anniversary as music director. It was a wonderful weekend full of energy, excitement and electricity!

an eclectic electric evening
September 25, 2011

This weekend marked the start of LACO’s new season, and that’s not the only change in these parts! This very blog has changed. Hmmm, perhaps ‘evolved’ is the better word. This very blog has evolved. For the last three seasons, I’ve been sharing my thoughts on my LACO concert-going experiences under the header of “LACO Newbie” – as I’m someone who enjoys classical music but doesn’t know a lick about anything in the classical music world. But now that I’m returning for a fourth season (thank you, LACO, for inviting me back!), I think it’s time to move on from the term “Newbie.” It’s not really new anymore, now that I’ve been doing it for 4 seasons. Don’t get me wrong – during the past three years, while I’ve enjoyed many wonderful LACO evenings (and sat through a few evenings I didn’t enjoy as much), my knowledge of classical music hasn’t grown at all. I’m not sure I could pick a bassoon out of a line-up. So what does this all mean? It means my contributions to the LACO blog have been rebranded. Say goodbye to the LACO Newbie… and hello to The Untrained Ear!

one-hit wonders and others
September 18, 2011

Johann Pachelbel was a very successful, very popular composer in his time. He wrote a large body of music, but today, more than three hundred years after his death, he is best known for his Canon in D. He is, to many music lovers, something of a one-hit wonder. History is filled with one-hit wonders or composers who were wildly popular in their own time, but who have faded into obscurity.

tune in, turn on, check it out
September 15, 2011

Last winter, months before LACO premiered Derek Bermel’s Mar de Setembro on its 2011 season finale concerts, Sound Investment members who had commissioned the work gathered to hear an early reading of the title movement. Composer-in-residence Bermel described how the water imagery of the poetry influenced the soundscape he created for the piece, then sang through the title movement himself, accompanied by a pair of pianists who helped invoke the instrumental colors which, at that point, could only be heard in Bermel’s own head.

jeffrey kahane is one of a kind
September 13, 2011

If you’ve ever been curious about the incredibly talented and charismatic man who serves as LACO’s music director, you will most definitely want to read the Los Angeles Times article featuring Jeffrey Kahane.

all the way from chicago
September 12, 2011

You may have noticed that we have been fortunate enough to welcome many new members to LACO’s administrative team over the past several weeks. We are so excited to introduce these new people to you, and invite you to get to know them all better throughout the course of the season.


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