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April 22, 2012

two kahanes for the price of one!

One of the things I love most about LACO is how they continually premiere new works. It’s fun and exciting to be part of the very first audience that gets to hear a new piece of music, and I felt that excitement again this past weekend, when LACO presented the west coast premiere of Gabriel Kahane’s Crane Palimpsest. If the name Kahane seems familiar to you, it’s probably because of LACO music director Jeffrey Kahane, who happens to be Gabriel’s father. The similarities don’t end with the name: In addition to a striking family resemblance, both Kahanes are extraordinarily gifted musicians, and Crane Palimpsest was one of the most unique pieces of music I’ve heard on the LACO stage. Here’s why:

a creative voice
April 19, 2012

Gabriel Kahane has been said to do many things — cross genres, fuse pop and classical together, create the next generation of the musical — but no one can deny that the composer/performer has established himself as a creative force and unique voice in this brave new world of music.

a family affair
April 15, 2012

Music is often a family business. J.S. Bach wasn’t the first Bach who was a musician, he just ended up being the most famous. And the musical line didn’t end with him; he went on to have a bunch of sons who went on to careers in music. In fact, if you peruse the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, you’ll find that many famous composers were just the most visible member of a family of musicians, composers, pedagogues, or instrument-makers.

prepare to launch
April 11, 2012

Tomorrow at noon across Los Angeles County 30 pianists sit down at 30 pianos and perform Prelude No.1 from Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book One. A flash mob of sorts, the performance officially launches the Play Me, I’m Yours festival brought to Los Angeles and hosted by LACO with the participation of 30 site hosts across the county. LACO’s own Jeffrey Kahane participates in the launch at California Plaza in Downtown LA at a piano decorated by the Braille Institute of Los Angeles. This unique public arts project originated as the brain child of British artist Luke Jerram and has traveled around the world, with pianos in London, New York, Sydney and Barcelona. LACO proudly launches the first Los Angeles instillation of Play Me, I’m Yours which features 30 pianos throughout the county at sites such as Santa Monica Pier, Torrance Cultural Arts Center and City Hall in Downtown LA that are available 24/7 over three weeks for the public to enjoy, play, watch a performance and/or organize an outing.

fine music and a food truck
April 06, 2012

I love when when people I admire on TV turn out to possess the same vibrant, joyous energy in real life as I’ve seen on my screen. That was the case last night with chef Susan Feniger, the special guest at LACO’s final Westside Connections concert of the season. I’ve watched Feniger on TV for years – I tuned into her Two Hot Tamales cooking show on Food Network during my college years, and watched her compete on Top Chef: Masters two years ago. It’s been a while since I’ve dined at one of her restaurants (I enjoyed a few meals at Cuidad before it was rebranded as the downtown location of Border Grill), but as a food lover (and a food TV fanatic), I’ve known who Susan Feniger was for well over a decade. Her enthusiasm and passion always stood out, and when she radiated those same qualities from the podium at the Broad Stage, I found myself beaming from ear to ear. Turns out she wasn’t the only one on the stage radiating those two qualities, and that too was no surprise.

farmers markets and fish
April 05, 2012

Growing up, music was a constant in Susan Feniger’s life; her parents loved all the classic singers — Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald. It has always offered her time for introspection and tonight she shares those moments with the Westside Connections audience.


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