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October 29, 2012

made especially for you

LACO’s upcoming concert on Nov 10 & 11 features a special treat. Award-winning composer Benjamin Wallfisch has composed a violin concerto expressly for our very own assistant concertmaster, Tereza Stanislav. Composing music specifically for a performer is an old and established tradition. Many composers have traditionally been keyboardists (a great number of whom were proficient on other instruments as well), and in both the Classical and Romantic periods, these keyboardists wrote many concertos and sonatas that they composed to show off their own performing talent.

why I remember bartók at halloween
October 29, 2012

Your first thought might be that I remember Béla Bartók at Halloween because of his opera Bluebeard’s Castle. That’s not it, although I did see a Long Beach Opera some years ago, eerily staged outdoors at the John Anson Ford Theatre. It’s certainly appropriate fare for Halloween and Long Beach Opera’s ever-inventive artistic and general director Andreas Mitisek might do well with an October run, complete with Haunted House and a trick-or-treat fundraising campaign. But I digress. . .

share your LACO story!
October 19, 2012

There’s a Native American saying that goes something like, “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.” Thousands of people attend LACO concerts and participate in educational engagement programs each year, and each person has a different experience, a different story to tell. LACO’s story is not just any one experience, it’s all of the experiences. And that’s why we’re asking for your help to tell the story of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

meet christina!
October 11, 2012

You may have seen her at our season opener this past weekend, the newest addition to the LACO team, production intern Christina Wu. Please join us in welcoming her to the family!

my first LACO concert
October 09, 2012

Hello, I’m Jorge Del Pinal the new “newbie blogger”.

I’m certainly a “newbie” to classical music as most of my familiarity with classical music comes from movie soundtracks and the video game Grand Theft Auto III which has a classical station which lets you listen to Mozart as you flee from the police in stolen vehicles. Anyways, I’m excited to hear classical music at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra this season as it was meant to be experienced (crime/violence free).

oh LACO, where have you been all my life?
October 07, 2012

OK, so ‘life’ may be a tad of an overstatement. Perhaps ‘where have you been all summer?’ would be the more appropriate title for this post, but dammit, it just doesn’t have the same dramatic flair! No matter how I word it, the truth remains: There hasn’t been a LACO concert since the spring, and since I didn’t get my act together to see the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl this year, my summer has been devoid of orchestral concerts altogether. Until last night. The new LACO season kicked off with a bang, followed by an array of strange new sounds, followed by a beautiful and impressive simmer. Shall I break it down for you?

these iconic southland arches have nothing to do with hamburgers
October 01, 2012

As regular readers of LACO’s blogs" know, our season opener this weekend includes a recent work by the Orchestra’s new composer-in-residence, Andrew Norman, whose The Great Swiftness was inspired by the epic Alexander Calder sculpture La Grande Vitesse. Forged in Tours, France from 42 tons of steel, the work was commissioned by the city of Grand Rapids, and its 27 separate pieces were welded together on the civic center plaza in 1969. It was the first American work of public art to be directly funded in part by federal money, under the fledgling National Endowment for the Art’s Art in Public Places program. Norman was born in Grand Rapids, and when he was invited 30 years later to compose a new work thematically related to the city’s annual ArtPrize competition, he set as his task translating Calder’s vibrant red, three-dimensional abstraction into sound. In this video, you can view images of La Grande Vitesse and hear Norman discuss its musical namesake.


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