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support LACO's family concert series

Tickets to LACO’s Family Concerts only cover a fraction of the cost of these performances. Grants and donations from individuals help us to keep the admission price low so that as many families as possible can afford to hear wonderful music like Through the Looking Glass performed live by our world-class ensemble.

Where can you look through a telescope, watch spiders building webs, feel the difference in the amount of air it takes to make a note sound on the flute versus the bassoon, and watch world-class musicians performing classical music all in one place on the same day? LACO’s Family Concerts!

On Sunday, March 22, Family Concert patron Tasha Pauley Baum, as well as her family, addressed the audience to share her appreciation for not only the wonderful music and the inspiration her children take from watching LACO’s accomplished musicians play, but also for the hands-on activities for children and adults alike. Tasha and her family are giving to support LACO’s family concerts this season and have issued a challenge to all of LACO’s Family Concert attendees:

The Edwin W. Pauley Foundation is giving $5,000 to support this series and Tasha, daughter of the late Edwin W. Pauley, is asking the audience to join her in a fund drive to match this grant. Your family can help the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra reach its goal of $10,000 towards this delightful and educational concert series. Gifts of any amount are welcome.

give online now
Be sure to type “Family Concerts” in the comments box.

Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated. Families who contribute on or before April 30 will be recognized in print during the Family Concert on May 3.

Examples of how your family can positively impact this concert series:

  • $25 supports the cost of presenting these performances so we can maintain our low ticket prices.
  • $50 supports hands-on music exploration through our Instrument Petting Zoo.
  • $100 sponsors the cost of Family Concert subscriptions for a family of four.
  • $300 allows us to partner with KidSpace and other organizations that provide educational and fun pre-concert activities .
  • $500 helps us provide transportation for deserving schools or community organizations that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience a live classical music performance.
  • $1,000 allows us to enhance the concert experience by incorporating dancers, actors and other extra-musical elements into the performances.

For more information, contact Addie deHilster, director of individual & planned giving, at 213 622 7001 × 206 or addiedehilster@laco.org.

give online now
Be sure to type “Family Concerts” in the comments box.

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