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March 11, 2008

san sebastián and madrid

LACO wrapped up its whirlwind concert tour of Europe with a single performance in Rafael Moneo’s stunning hall situated in a spectacular setting where the Urumea River meets the ocean. Moneo, who also designed LA’s Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels downtown, here responded to the crashing of the waves with a slanted membrane of glass, slate shards and grey aluminum that seems to change colors according to the weather.

At the concert, pianist and composer Uri Caine and Music Director Jeffrey Kahane jammed to Joni Mitchell’s Circle Game as an encore to Caine’s jazz-inflected, highly complex Mosaics for Piano and Chamber Orchestra. The hall was filled to the rafters, and again the response was tremendous: the Orchestra also played an encore at the end of the program, Mozart’s Overture to the Italian Girl in Algiers.

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