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strad fest LA

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra presents four epic days celebrating the greatest violins known to mankind in concerts and special events March 26-29, 2014, at four different locations.

featuring Stradivarius violins:

1666 Serdet Stradivarius
The earliest known Stradivari instrument that still bears its original label, its craftsmanship—though certainly extraordinary—offers a fascinating glimpse of a master luthier in the early stages of learning his craft.

1708 Ruby Stradivarius
The “Ruby” lived much of its life quietly in the hands of knowledgeable collectors. Now, thanks to the generous efforts of The Stradivari Society®, it’s available to sing out in hands of the finest players in the world, including its current player, US violinist Philippe Quint.

1711 Kreisler Stradivarius
Purchased from the great Fritz Kreisler by Dorothea Powers in 1945, this violin is currently owned by the LA Phil and played by principal concertmaster Martin Chalifour.

1714 Leonora Jackson Stradivarius
Played and owned by renowned Hungarian violinist and teacher Joseph Joachim, as well as America’s first great female violin soloist, Leonora Jackson, this 1714 Strad has lived with aristocrats and virtuosos.

1715 Titian Stradivarius
Considered among the finest violins of Stradivari’s Golden Period and revered for its unusual power, scope and focus, the “Titian” was named by a French dealer who said its orange-red color reminded him of the paintings of the famed artist Titian.

1716 Milstein Stradivarius
For collectors and violin aficionados, the acquisition of a Stradivarius violin often takes the form of a quest. In 2006, Jerry and Terri Kohl’s quest gave a home to the “Milstein” Strad, and LACO concertmaster Margaret Batjer is often privileged to play this stunning instrument.

c.1720 Beechback Stradivarius
Though the “Beechback,” a composite Strad, underwent several physical changes, the instrument remains a true Stradivari, one whose understated, dark exterior belies its rich tone and full sound.

1720 Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius
Now owned by violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn, the whereabouts of the fiery “Red Mendelssohn,” inspiration for the movie The Red Violin, was a mystery for more than 200 years.


stradosphere: tickets start at $750/person

Serdet Stradivarius

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