Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: making great music personal

Michelle Weger

director of institutional giving

Michelle Weger has a long background in music. She sang in choirs since the age of five and eventually earned a Bachelor of Music in voice from California State Fullerton and a Masters in music from the University of Michigan. Michelle has worked (for pay and as a volunteer) for public benefit organizations like Amnesty International, Para Los NiƱos and the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor. She was lucky to find a perfect blend of both worlds when she came to work for LACO in 1998.

Michelle is a Southern California native, single and aquarius, yet never pierced or tattooed. As a kid, she wanted to be a fashion or costume designer, until she realized that designers had to learn to sew really well, which seemed very tedious and boring. Aside from watching Project Runway marathons, her personal obsessions/compulsions include reading; going to movies, concerts and plays of all kinds; swimming; public radio; surfing the blogosphere; and searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.

Michelle Weger

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