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Treviso, Italy

Via Diaz 7
31100 Treviso, IT

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about Treviso, Italy

Treviso is a northeastern Italian town loaded with history. In its centuries-old existence, this rather small city has been under the rule of Celts, Romans, Carolingians, Huns, French and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Teatro Comunale
The building was originally known as the Teatro d’Onigo, inasmuch as it was erected through the efforts of Count Fiorino d’Onigo in 1692. In 1763, the Theatre underwent its first renovation and enlargement as part of a project by Antonio Galli Bibbiena and the architect Giovanni Miazzi. The Teatro d’Onigo eventually became one of the most famous theatres in Italy by offering presentations of every sort imaginable: from concerts to operas, from carnival balls to the sumptuous festivities arranged for Napoleon’s marriage, the three evenings organised in honour of Paganini and receptions for the Emperors Ferdinand and Francis I and the Viceroy Archduke Ranieri.

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Treviso, Italy

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