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Upon graduating summa cum laude, Dina-Marie started as LACO’s Executive Assistant & Board Liaison, now serving as a dedicated resource to the Board, senior staff, and development team. In her position, she bridges cross-departmental communication, secures corporate partnerships, interacts with venues to plan and execute special projects, and interfaces, as representative of the Orchestra, with emeritus, current, and prospective board members. Dina-Marie previously worked with the community engagement departments of the Chicago and Detroit Symphonies, managed the 2018 Giving Tuesday Campaign at the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts, and recently served as conference production manager at the Sphinx Organization.

A native of Leipzig, Germany, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Dina-Marie has made the United States her second home since 2015, when she moved to Syracuse, NY, to pursue her undergraduate degree in Music Management, with focuses on music history and entrepreneurship, where she completed an award-winning professional honors capstone thesis, dedicated to the “Diversification of Orchestras’ audiences, programming, musicians, and revenue streams to transform the relevancy of orchestras to their communities.”

Eleven years of professional clarinet and musical theater performances fueled Dina-Marie’s passion for the performing arts prior to permanently moving to the United States. Sure enough, whenever Dina-Marie has a free minute, she is most certainly to be found in the audiences of any concert in and around Los Angeles County or overlooking the city from a hike, sometimes while holding a yoga pose.


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