Justus Zimmerman

Justus Zimmerman

director of marketing & sales

Justus Zimmerman comes to Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra after co-founding a children’s toy line, Squirrel King Enterprises, where he owned the sales and marketing functions. At Squirrel King, Justus built a consumer base from the ground up through social media marketing, trade shows and good, old-fashioned pavement-pounding. The company quickly expanded beyond its Southern Californian roots, and the line can now be found in hundreds of stores across the country and in Canada. He’s excited to build on what he learned at Squirrel King while serving as the Sales & Marketing Manager at LACO.

Justus grew up with a love of the performing arts that blossomed for him early on when his mother took him to see a stage production of Winnie-the-Pooh. From there on out he was committed to a dogged pursuit of the stage, an endeavor that lead him from high school and college productions to Los Angeles where he appeared in commercials, films and television. It was in Los Angeles that Justus was introduced to producing and working behind the camera, a pursuit that eventually led to the founding of Squirrel King Enterprises.

Beyond his thespian ambitions, Justus is also a passionate outdoorsman. He spent time in Yosemite as a volunteer bear ranger and has been an avid rock climber and alpinist for over a decade. Originally from New Hampshire, Justus loves calling the Los Angeles area home. And while he misses the leaves changing, ice climbing and what’s left of the Old Man of the Mountain, there’s something to be said for a city that boasts incredible climbing weather and powerful cultural institutions like the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.


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