This spring, we are delighted to welcome Kaitlyn Sunabe to the LACO family as our marketing intern. Over the next two months, Kaitlyn will assist the marketing team with preparations for the 2013-14 season, as well as the final concerts of the 2012-13 season. Read on below to learn more about Kaitlyn and how she came to LACO:

Over ten years’ worth of piano lessons afforded me very little. I somehow managed to gain almost no technical knowledge in that decade of weekly lessons (Wednesdays after school; twenty minutes for me, and twenty for my younger brother. Our teacher had a friendly but elusive old cat and a veritable archive ofBetter Homes & Gardens to read while we waited, which I loved.). Today, I am able to play only a handful of pieces, most of which are popular nursery rhymes. And, of course, Für Elise.

I picked up the trombone in fifth grade because my friend did and I was peer-pressured into it. In retrospect, this was a good choice and I am forever grateful to her for intimidating me down a path that would ultimately lead me to where I am now, sitting at a desk in the LACO office.

There were events in between: joining my high school’s jazz ensemble, traveling to Boston with the high school orchestra for our spring trip, moving to Boston for college. There was also the time a school bus loaded up with me and the rest of my youth orchestra trucked up a snowy mountain for a retreat and suddenly came to a halt because there was too much snow and no visibility. I was positive I was going to die that day, and all because I had picked the trombone.

I didn’t die. A combination of luck and smart decisions (which were lucky in themselves) instead led me to this point in my life. I am incredibly happy to be interning atLACO, and very lucky for the opportunity to work with the music I love.

adventure pack: final four

A four concert package geared to the first-timer that showcases the ensemble’s artistry and trademark mix of regal classics and music from today’s leading composers. Includes tickets to hear the Mozart Requiem conducted by Jaime Martín in his debut performance as music director designate.

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Join "America's finest chamber orchestra" for a four concert package aimed at adventurous listeners featuring World Premieres from composers James Newton Howard, Sarah Gibson and Juan Pablo Contreras as well as the West Coast premiere of Grammy award-winning Bryce Dessner’s Voy A Dormir.

adventure pack: regal classics

Join Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra for a budget-friendly three concert journey through European music history showcasing the undisputed cornerstones of orchestral repertoire including Bach’s Orchestral Suites Nos. 1 & 3 as well as works by Mozart, Handel and Haydn.