The shooting of multiple Asian American women in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy. Discrimination and violence toward the Asian American and Pacific Islander community have been an institutionalized and shameful part of American history, and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra proudly stands in solidarity with the AAPI community.
We will condemn violence, hateful rhetoric, and white supremacy whenever and wherever it occurs. LACO urges elected officials and community leaders to do more to protect Asians from heightened levels of hate, discrimination, and violence.
LACO is dedicated to working together toward a future that is compassionate and inclusive. We condemn these incidents and name them as the anti-Asian, racist, cowardly hate crimes that they clearly are.



Stop AAPI Hate
A nonprofit social organization that runs the Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center which tracks incidents of discrimination, hate, and xenophobia against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. 

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

The Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit
The work and thinking of 15 grassroots organizations with Asian American bases living in the most precarious margins of power: low-income tenants, youth, undocumented immigrants, low-wage workers, refugees, women and girls, and queer and trans people.

Asian American Pacific Islander Women Lead
The #ImReady movement raises awareness around the experiences that AAPI women have with #MeToo, gender, and racial discrimination.

NAACP Civil Rights and Justice Organizations Denounce Abhorrent Rise in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

U.S. Department of Justice – What Makes a Hate Crime

Incidents of Hate – Los Angeles County Report

A Reading List to Understand Anti-Asian Racism in America

PBS: Asian Americans
A documentary series on the history of Asian America. 

A Different Asian American Timeline
A timeline covering 600 years of history starting with the early Atlantic slave trade in the 15th Century, tracing the rise of modern nation-states, and covering events that have affected people across racial boundaries. 



GoFundMe: StopAAPIHate
Fundraisers for the victims of the Atlanta-area spa shootings

AAPI Community Fund
Funds to issue grants to trusted AAPI organizations working to rectify the racial inequalities in our society.

Hate Is A Virus
Combatting xenophobia and racism through awareness and education initiatives and philanthropy.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Fighting for civil rights and empowering Asian Americans to create a more just America for all.

Asian American Advocacy Fund
A grassroots 501(c)4 social welfare organization dedicated to building a politically-conscious, engaged, and progressive Asian American base in Georgia.