I know cold weather. I’m from cold weather. I know all about snow: heavy snow, light snow, wet snow, sideways snow, flurries, slush and the dreaded ‘mixed precipitation’. I’m very familiar with forecasts such as, “today’s high will be 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but with the wind chill it will feel more like -10”. Philadelphia may not be as bad as places like Minneapolis or Chicago, but it certainly gets its’ fair share of cold weather.

One would think I have no fear of incoming weather reports such as…

L.A. cold snap: Freezing temps, frost, and now, rain expected

…but, it’s quite the opposite. My response to Los Angeles is more like Foreigner.

Since my move from Philadelphia, my constitution has adapted to LA’s fair weather climate. So, when I hear “highs in the 40s” I immediately break out winter gear and double my socks. No… I can’t see my own breath, but it feels like I should.

Every year just seems to be getting colder too. Last January, Los Angeles experienced record breaking lows.

Brrrr: Record cold temperatures set in L.A. on Monday morning

How do Angelinos prepare for this year’s cold weather?! I’ll tell you. We need to #WarmUpJanuary.

One of the greatest sources for warmth is music.

Listen. Turn up the stereo. It’s a sonic blanket.
Sing. Use your lungs! It’s an aerobic activity.
Play. For all of you who are performers… they are called “warm-up” exercises for a reason.

Let’s take it one step further and heat up #LACO205. Nothing warms the soul like contributing to a cause that brings great music to life for students, concert attendees and the greater LA community. By January 31, help us raise $1000 in online donations and #WarmUpJanuary.

When you make your online donation this January, reference #WarmUpJanuary in the “Personal note to be included with donation” section under “Dedication Information” and watch the green mercury rise in#LACO205 thermometer. Donate today because every degree counts!

Follow the progress of #WarmUpJanuary daily at laco.org/LACO205WarmUpJanuary and stay warm, Los Angeles!

The #LACO205 #WarmUpJanuary thermometer does not update immediately following an online donation. It is updated once per day based on the previous day’s accumulated contributions.

S E S S I O N spiva

Produced in collaboration with Four Larks, SESSION featured the world premiere of The Body Overcome by Derrick Spiva Jr, hindustani vocalist Saili Oak, a US premiere by composer Juan Pablo Contreras and works by Conor Brown, Salina Fisher and Reena Esmail.

join us:
Sound Investment

Have you ever listened to a favorite symphony and wondered what shaped the composer’s ideas? How the orchestra players reacted upon first reading the new score? How the composer felt as musicians finally gave sonic life to notes on paper?

You can get answers when you commission a new work of music through Sound Investment.

LA Orchestra Fellowship

The LA Orchestra Fellowship is a two-year orchestra intensive for musicians on violin, viola, and cello.

Fellows are mentored in chamber and orchestral performance and gain invaluable experience while training and playing alongside Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra musicians, faculty at USC Thornton and mentor members of the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles.