Connect with Salastina

Chamber music is like the indie rock band of the classical music world. With only one to a part, personal and musical chemistry are as invigorating for us as they are imperative to the art itself.

Many of us earn our bread and butter recording for major motion pictures (like this one). This affords us both a sense of relevance to popular culture and a respectable quality of life.

But chamber music is what we do for fun. Salastina has been, and will always be, artist-driven. Having control over what we play, when we play it, where we play it, with whom we play it, and how we play it is the most fulfilling aspect of each of our artistic lives.

But our Why extends beyond artistic self-realization. We all believe in the power of music to bring others together; to inspire, to enrich, and to entertain; and to connect our cultural past, present, and future.

We see a special need for all of this in the context of the rapid social change currently underway.

In this way, Salastina serves not only our own self-expression, but ultimately the society in which we live and work.