Connect with Tor

Tor Cronin is a stagehand, stage manager, and assistant technical director who works all over town and beyond to facilitate joy and meaning through entertainment. 

Prior to working in staging, Tor was an electrician for 8 years in the Los Angeles area. When he first worked with LACO assisting the then stage manager Bob Dolan in November of 2013, he didn’t think it felt like a job; it felt like an adventure. Since then, he has spent his time gaining experience in as many circumstances as possible; having toured in multiple European countries, worked at multiple venues and theaters, festivals, and movie premieres. Working with LACO has quite literally changed his life. He very much loves being a part of a crew with a common goal.  

When Tor Cronin isn’t working, he is playing flute, guitar, and singing backup vocals at festivals in a Pirate Band.