This year, LACO is embarking upon what we hope is going to be an epic giving streak – 205 days, which includes every Monday-Friday beginning today and going through the end of June! We are calling upon all of LACO’s friends, family and fans to help us build up funds for all things artistic, education and community-oriented. I have to say, it would be so awesome to have a giving streak of a donation every day for this whole season.

Why are we starting today?

Well, this week is concert week. For those of you sports fans out there, it is not unlike game day. On game day – the prep starts early. Everyone dons his/her gear – gets the food ready for the watch party, hangs the banners or heads out for the tailgating. Stats are discussed, gauntlets are thrown… you know the drill.

There aren’t usually gauntlets where Orchestra seasons are concerned (well sometimes… but, let’s not talk about those now), but otherwise the prep is very similar. And, concert week is where the prep starts for the big season opener. The first concert week of the year is one of my favorites. Marketing materials arrive, the ads start appearing all over town in print and online, and the musicians come back together for the first rehearsal – and the energy is visceral.

This is where it starts: The first day of the first concert week is Day 1 of 205 days of giving. Over the next 205 days, we all have the opportunity to come together and create something epic:

  • A giving streak that brings great music to the lives of adults and children throughout Los Angeles
  • A giving streak that brings joy and inspiration to the lives of musicians and listeners alike
  • A giving streak that brings music education into the schools in LAUSD and beyond
  • A giving streak that brings new music to life for the first time in front of eager and invested audiences
  • A giving streak that makes possible great radio broadcasts of live performance
  • and, so much more!

I invite you to join in. Help us keep the giving streak alive! Choose a day, and make a gift – keep track of the streak and see where we are through @LACOtweets, #LACO205 and on

Keep an eye out this weekend for T-shirts, buttons and more. We want everyone to be part of the team! I look forward to seeing you and tweeting with you all season long. Let’s make this streak truly epic!

S E S S I O N spiva

Produced in collaboration with Four Larks, SESSION featured the world premiere of The Body Overcome by Derrick Spiva Jr, hindustani vocalist Saili Oak, a US premiere by composer Juan Pablo Contreras and works by Conor Brown, Salina Fisher and Reena Esmail.

join us:
Sound Investment

Have you ever listened to a favorite symphony and wondered what shaped the composer’s ideas? How the orchestra players reacted upon first reading the new score? How the composer felt as musicians finally gave sonic life to notes on paper?

You can get answers when you commission a new work of music through Sound Investment.

LA Orchestra Fellowship

The LA Orchestra Fellowship is a two-year orchestra intensive for musicians on violin, viola, and cello.

Fellows are mentored in chamber and orchestral performance and gain invaluable experience while training and playing alongside Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra musicians, faculty at USC Thornton and mentor members of the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles.