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beginning of a great season

October 17, 2009

beginning of a great season

photo Wade Culbreath

This week is opening week for LACO. The office has been super busy, the phones have been ringing nonstop and the Orchestra is back in rehearsals. I wanted to share some images with you of the first week back in rehearsal as well as the first weekend pair of performances.

The photo above was taken by our principal timpanist, Wade Culbreath at rehearsal. I particularly love this picture because it shows the interplay between some amazing musicians as well as some incredible baroque instruments… from the back. You can see Margaret Batjer playing solo violin. You can also see the top of the Theorbo (the big one on the left) and the baroque guitar on the right.

Opening night at the Alex Theatre was tonight, and it was amazing! You could just feel the electricity in the air. If you missed, it, there is still time to catch opening night at Royce Hall Sunday evening at 7 pm. Hope to see you there!


You guys were fabulous! I've got a rather long, rambling review up here if you're interested.

Long because I can't shut up, and rambling because I'm not paid to do this and hence get to wander from topic to topic as much as I want. :-)

Wonderful, wonderful performance -- thanks so much!

  • —Janis, October 18, 2009 12:13 am

I'd like to know what was going through the minds of the musicians when they were performing the Mendelssohn Italian Symphony. How in the heck did they keep together?? The sound of the orchestra was crystalline and electric, as if they all got B12 shots backstage.
It was breathtaking and exciting to watch, but I'd like to hear from the players how they handled the wild ride.

  • —Bad Penny, October 19, 2009 02:57 pm

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