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May 11, 2010

On May 7, we posted a new podcast featuring the Q and A from the final Baroque Conversations concert of our season, which you can listen to here. I was asked to write a brief blog entry to inform our readers that it had been posted, but today I’d like to do a little more than that. I’d like to talk about podcasting in general, so that you can get the most out of this extremely powerful and enjoyable broadcast medium.

Although podcasts may sound like old news to the twenty-something techies eagerly awaiting news leaks from Apple, I find that when I mention I’m posting one to friends and family many people are unfamiliar with the format. Essentially, a podcast is a downloadable broadcast. Originally they were intended to be downloaded daily and loaded on to listeners’ iPods, as a sort of “radio on demand.” The files are mp3s, though, so they can be played on any digital audio player, or often streamed directly off of websites, such as ours.

In most cases, podcasts form a series, where you can download one a week, or daily, to listen to at your convenience. On our site, we have four series available for download. Baroque Conversations, Westside Connections, and our Orchestral Series all have their own podcasts, and we often also podcast our Concert Preludes, the pre-concert talks and events that happen an hour before each Orchestral Series concert.

You can also click RSS on the podcast page, to have your computer or whatever program you use for RSS feeds automatically download new podcasts as they’re released.

So what’s in it for you? Ultimately, it’s all sorts of entertaining and informative content related to our concerts and the music we play here at LACO. Interviews with musicians and composers, recordings of pre-concert talks, Q and A sessions with audiences and performers, previews of upcoming events…it’s all there for free, with no subscription required, and bringing it to you is one more way for us to make great music personal.

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