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tweet with concertmaster margaret batjer this wednesday between 3-5 pm

December 06, 2010

This Wednesday, LACO concertmaster Margaret Batjer will be participating in #askaconductor day on Twitter. Ask your questions via Twitter on the @LACOtweets account December 9 from 3-5 pm PST, and Margaret will reply personally! Remember to use the hashtag #askaconductor when posing your questions!

You may be thinking: But, Margaret isn’t a conductor.

That may be technically true, but in a chamber orchestra, the ensemble often plays without a conductor. In these instances, the concertmaster becomes the leader – the conductor. Last May, Margaret led the Bizet Symphony in C at LACO’s closing concert. The LA Times reviewed:

But perhaps the most touching part of the evening, Sunday in UCLA’s Royce Hall , was the Bizet. Concertmaster Margaret Batjer led it from her seat in the orchestra. The leading was less conducting than coordinating. The performance was alert, lively and sparkeld. The playing was beautiful and collegial.
Read more highlights of that review.

It is truly fascinating (and fun!) to watch Margaret lead from the first chair. This Wednesday, you can ask Margaret all about it. Just log into Twitter (free to join, if you aren’t already a member), and pose your question to Margaret by including both @LACOtweets handle and the search tag #askaconductor.

At the opening concert of 2009, Margaret led Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons from the first chair. LACO’s “newbie blogger David Garcia”: reviewed the concert:

I just got home from the LACO Season Premiere, and it was wonderful! The Four Seasons was breathtaking to behold. Concertmaster Margaret Batjer led the Orchestra while playing violin (a sort of multitasking that is remarkable by itself), and she was so energetic and passionate her violin bow kept losing strings!

If you just want to follow the conversation, you can search #askaconductor on Twitter and read other people’s questions as well as the corresponding answeres.

You are also invited to ask questions of other conductors all day by tweeting your questions with the #askaconductor hash tag. That way, conductors participating at that time will see the question and reply right to you! For a list of participating conductors, and available times, visit askthemusicians.com .

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