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May 03, 2011

At our final family concert of the season, Whimsical Winds, some of our audience members had questions that they didn’t get to ask in the Q & A portion of the concert. We asked them to write down their questions so that we can answer them right here on the LACO blog.

Selbi, age 7, from Glendale asks:
Do you only play for kids concerts or grownups concerts?

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra enjoys playing for BOTH audiences! Family concerts like Whimsical Winds let us have fun discovering music with kids, but we do play “grownup” concerts which are also fun – (and don’t have an age requirement!) LACO plays a bunch of music through different series – Baroque Conversations focuses on Baroque and pre-classical period music, while the Orchestral Series explores a broad range of repertoire with traditional and contemporary music works.

Brandon, age 8, from Arcadia asks:
What does Allegro mean?

“Allegro” was part of the movement titles in Whimsical Winds. Allegro is an Italian word that means fast or lively, and it refers to how the music should be played by the artists. We often see Italian words for musical expression, such as “adagio” for slow, “forte” for loud, and “diminuendo” for becoming gradually softer. Check out LACO’s glossary of musical terms for other music-related words and definitions.

Ramsay, age 8, from Los Angeles asks:
How many wind instruments are there? Name them.

The May 1 concert featured LACO musicians playing wind instruments, including the flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon from the woodwind family, and the trumpet, horn and trombone from the brass family. These are common wind instruments, but there are LOTS of other wind instruments you may know, such as saxophone, tuba, even instruments like harmonicas, bagpipes and kazoos – any musical instrument that requires breaths of air is a wind instrument. The list is very, very long, and it ranges from the familiar flute to the exotic didgeridoo, a wooden drone pipe from Australia. Do you have a favorite?

We look forward to continuing the Family Concerts next year in 2012. It is always such a delight to witness young audience members unlocking the magic of great music. You can view photos from the May 1 event and other previous family concerts by visiting LACO’s online photo gallery.

Stay tuned to the Kids Eye View blog! A few questions were directed to specific musicians in the Orchestra, and we’ve forwarded those questions to the musicians. Their answers will be posted here soon.

Thank you all for joining us in this year’s fun musical safari with LACO!

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