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September 15, 2011

tune in, turn on, check it out

Gabriel Rinaldi

Last winter, months before LACO premiered Derek Bermel’s Mar de Setembro on its 2011 season finale concerts, Sound Investment members who had commissioned the work gathered to hear an early reading of the title movement. Composer-in-residence Bermel described how the water imagery of the poetry influenced the soundscape he created for the piece, then sang through the title movement himself, accompanied by a pair of pianists who helped invoke the instrumental colors which, at that point, could only be heard in Bermel’s own head.

“I think it’s going to be neat to see the orchestration and what he does with it,” remarked investor Ann Horton, “how it’s going to change, how it’s going to be different, whether it will resonate the same way, or stay with me.” She was interviewed by Classical KUSC producer Katie McMurran who, with audio tech Phil Richards, were on hand at all of the LACO Sound Investment salons last season to document the evolution of Bermel’s work.

Like the luscious fruits catalogued in Mar de Setembro’s final movement, the fruits of the KUSC team’s labor is finally ready to enjoy. This Saturday, tune in to 91.5 FM at 4 pm for a behind-the-scenes look at how Bermel’s work came into being. Host Alan Chapman pulls all of the pieces together, from interviews with the artists and investors to a performance of the complete work, recorded live at Royce Hall last May and featuring the sensual vocals of soloist Luciana Souza. If you’re not next to the radio then, find the program at kusc.org, where it will be archived for seven days.

Intrigued by the Sound Investment process? You can be part of it! This season, Sound Investment commissions upstart composer-pianist Timothy Andres to write himself a piano concerto to premiere in March 2012, and investors will have the privilege of hearing it unfold, note by note. Learn more about Sound Investment at the LACO website, download a schedule of activities and enrollment form, or sign up online.

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