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tell me a tale

December 16, 2011

tell me a tale

photo LACO archives

One of my favorite things in the whole world is stories. Stories are what draw us all in to almost everything in life, and help us find meaning. Whether it be the literal forms like movies, books and operas, or the ones that take a little more work like visual art or antique objects, everything has a story.

When it comes to music, it is the stories — the relationship between musical themes, instrumentation and performers –- that spike my interest. For example, when I first heard Jeffrey Kahane perform and conduct Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto with LACO back in September, I was blown away. A week after the concert, I grabbed the recording we have in the office and began listening as I worked. Upon repeat listenings, I fell in love with the way the rondo theme in the third movement changes and is reinvented throughout the course of the piece. These repeated listenings helped me discover something new in the piece, which for me created a deeper meaning in the music.

Beyond the stories that the music itself tells, there is also an interaction between performers and the audience that I think LACO concerts facilitate particularly well. From Concert Preludes to the after parties, musicians, staff and patrons have the chance to interact and discuss the performances and share their own stories. It’s been a dream come true of sorts for me over the past few months, as we’ve been collecting thousands of these stories and LACO memories for our 15 seasons, thousands of reasons project. Though 15 seasons, thousands of reasons grew out of our season-long celebration of Jeffrey Kahane’s 15 extraordinary years as LACO’s music director, it has become so much more. It has become a celebration of the stories that LACO concerts generate and the opportunity to create a dialogue about what makes LACO concerts so special.

We’ve had a lot of fun reading your stories and reasons and distributing “reason” buttons at our December concerts. If you haven’t already, I invite you to share your story with fellow LACO-lovers!

Because what good is a story if it goes untold?

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