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an evening to remember

June 12, 2012

an evening to remember

photo Lee Salem

I am pleased to bring you a review of this year’s Silent Film, by eight year old Willa Hawthorne, daughter of executive director Rachel Fine, who attended the event with her best friend, Lola. We hope that everyone enjoyed the films as much as Willa; it was a memorable evening for all.

I really enjoy the Silent Film because it’s funny and enjoyable. I recommend bringing your best friend. Your best friend will enjoy it, too.

I went last year for the first time. This year was my second year. They really picked the right movies! I liked Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. This year, I liked both Harold Lloyd films equally. There were a lot of great chase scenes. In The Kid Brother, I especially liked the little monkey who put on the big boots and stomped around in them. He also walked on his hands. In High and Dizzy, I liked when Harold Lloyd played the doctor who got dressed up as a lot of different patients. And when he was scared of heights, his hair stuck straight up. I laughed a lot. (And Jeffrey Kahane laughed a lot! I was sitting next to him.)

The musicians played very well to the movies. The live music is much better than when music is recorded as part of the movie. It adds a lot of expression and it went exactly as it was supposed to go – there were no mistakes.

After the movies, I recommend getting a special ticket for the dinner. The setting is very nice, there was great service (just like at a hotel!) and the food was delicious. My favorite dish was the rice pudding.

I am looking forward to some great laughing next year. Everyone should attend the Silent Film because it’s really funny and it will make you happy.

Thank you especially to Hanna Kennedy for giving us such a great time!

—Willa Hawthorne, Age 8

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Dear Willa,

We were happy to know that you liked our Silent Film gala so much, because nobody makes terrific movies like this anymore, especially not with live music, in front of a happy audience. Next year we will have a super program that will make everybody jump with joy, so you will have to get us all the help we need to make it a huge success. And yes, we will have rice pudding for everybody!


  • —Hanna Kennedy, July 16, 2012 04:36 pm

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