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June 14, 2013

My introduction to music started off a little funny…

My first real interaction with music began when I was 5 years old. My older sister had begun playing piano and I was jealous of the candy, chips and other treats her piano teacher would give her after each weekly lesson. I realized that the only way I would be able to have access to the assortment of candy was if I began taking lessons myself. So, without much effort, I convinced my parents to allow me to begin my musical studies in piano.

I continued taking piano lessons until I entered the Sixth grade, where I was inducted into my middle school’s band. When asked what instrument I wanted to play in the group (piano was not an option), I instantly chose the French Horn, as it was recommended to me by my band director, whom I had a slight teacher-crush on. And so began my long-term love affair with the horn.

From performing in the Sydney Opera House to attending USC and interning with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, my passion for music has provided me with many great experiences and opportunities. All of which has lead me to where I am now: at my desk in the LACO office.

As I complete my second week with the LACO, I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the opportunity to intern for an organization that shares my passion. I am lucky to be surrounded by talented and charismatic people in the fast-paced atmosphere of downtown Los Angeles. I truly feel welcomed into the LACO family and I look forward to the experiences, challenges and many coffees I will have in my future weeks here.

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