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January 31, 2013

dear jeffrey kahane . . .

dear jeffrey kahane . . .

photo LACO archives

After each Meet the Music concert the students who attended always write thank you letters to Jeffrey Kahane and the musicians who performed. Part of the Meet the Music program is a Q & A session when the children have the opportunity to pose questions to Jeff and the musicians about the performance. Those students who think of a question later on, or who did not have the opportunity to ask their question, often include their inquiries in their thank you notes.

why symphonies not melodies
December 26, 2012

Last week, Adam Rosen, son of board chairman Michael Rosen, was asked in his English class at Harvard Westland to write a poem. Inspired by the LACO performance of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, he wrote the following:

emily's find
June 27, 2012

On June 21, LACO received an email from a volunteer at the Woodland Public Library, which hosts weekend activities for elementary school students, with a resource for kids who want to learn the words to songs that are both educational and fun. One of the participating students found the link during computer time while they were preparing for weekend celebrations of World Music Day. Thanks, Emily, for sharing your find with LACO’s Kid’s Eye View blog for everyone to enjoy.

an evening to remember
June 12, 2012

I am pleased to bring you a review of this year’s Silent Film, by eight year old Willa Hawthorne, daughter of executive director Rachel Fine, who attended the event with her best friend, Lola. We hope that everyone enjoyed the films as much as Willa; it was a memorable evening for all.

question from mozart & me
May 25, 2012

At our final family concert of the season, Mozart & Me, one of our audience members had a question for soprano Krystle Casey that they didn’t get to ask in the Q & A portion of the concert. We asked them to write down their questions so that we can answer them right here on the LACO blog.

a tuneful afternoon
March 02, 2012

This past Sunday, families took a musical journey with PROJECT Trio, Jacomo Bairos and LACO through several original PROJECT Trio works and selections from Copland’s Appalchain Spring. The dynamic ensemble kept everyone on the edge of their seats with delight and answered a sea of questions after the performance.

whimsical winds questions, continued!
May 10, 2011

Whimsical Winds on May 1 was the final family concert of the season. While every concert ends with a fun and educational Q & A session with the musicians, some audience members didn’t get to voice their questions. We answered some of these questions in an earlier post on the kids eye view blog, but other questions were asked to specific LACO musicians. We have now heard back from them and are happy to share their insights here!

questions from whimsical winds
May 03, 2011

At our final family concert of the season, Whimsical Winds, some of our audience members had questions that they didn’t get to ask in the Q & A portion of the concert. We asked them to write down their questions so that we can answer them right here on the LACO blog.

violin and theorbo
May 05, 2010

In yesterday’s blog post we answered questions that children had submitted at the end of our Jokin’ Baroque Family Concert Sunday, May 2, 2010. A few of the questions were directed to specific musicians, and we’ve heard back and have the answers for you today.

questions from jokin' baroque
May 04, 2010

At our final family concert of the season, Jokin’ Baroque, some of our audience members had questions that they didn’t get to ask. We asked them to write down their questions so that we can answer them right here on the LACO blog.

your questions answered
April 30, 2010

At each of our Family Concerts and Meet the Music events we hold a Q and A session between the kids in attendence and LACO musicians. Sometimes the audience is so excited that there are more questions than we have time for! When that happens, we invite them to submit their questions to us after the concert, and we’ll answer them right here on the Kid’s Eye View page of the LACO Blog.

how do they take the string bass home?
November 11, 2009

Friday, November 6 was LACO’s first Meet the Music concert of the year. Hundreds of fourth and fifth grade students from across Los Angeles filed into Zipper Concert Hall at the Colburn School to hear the Orchestra perform Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and learn about different instruments of the Orchestra, how the orchestra rehearsed, how long each musician practices and many other fun things.

bus ride in berlin
March 07, 2008

Hi, it’s Marika, Gemma, Jackson, and Cooper. Today we all went on a bus tour around Berlin. We saw the 3rd tallest radio tower in the world. We saw a castle and a church. We saw the Berlin wall and we had really good food, and we had really really great ice cream!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we leave to Paris, France. Tomorrow is very sad because Jackson and Cooper are leaving. Yesterday we all went to our parents concerts. Jackson and Cooper’s mom plays the violin so does Gemma’s mom and so does Marika’s mom and her dad plays the bassoon. Backstage we all played games. Bye

hot chocolate and ice cream
March 06, 2008

Hi it’s Marika. Yesterday I was in Vienna, Austria. It was very cold and snowing!!! When we got there we were so tired from the plane ride we lay down on our comfy beds. We also watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in german!! It was funny because the mouths did not match up with the words and they had completely different voices. After that I went to a concert. I stayed back stage and read A LOT!!!!!!!! Later after the concert Jackie came over to our room and my dad went out to eat with some friends. Jackie, my mom, and I ordered room service. I ordered ice cream to share. It had chocolate, vanilla, this really good kind that was thick and creamy and it tasted like raspberry ice cream. Then in the morning my dad, Alex, Rick, and I went out to breakfast in the hotel. They had amazing hot chocolate if you want hot chocolate, go to Austria. Bye for now. Later Gemma and Sage, Jackie’s daughters and Jackson and Cooper, Tammy’s sons will help me blog !

a wonderful hotel in germany
March 05, 2008

Yesterday I went to Hamburg, Germany. We stayed at a wonderful hotel called the Park Hyatt Hamburg. I also went shopping with Vicky, Jackie, my mom and dad. We all went out to lunch, then we went shopping at clothing stores and shoe stores (for Jackie). Later, after all that, my mom and I had tea and apple cake in our room. It was fantastic!!!!!! When we were having our tea, it started to snow. I was jumping up and down. I had a blast. Then we got ready for the concert and rode in a bus to the hall. The hall was amazing, it had an organ. That’s all. See you soon.

March 03, 2008

Yesterday I went to Venice it was amazing it smelled kinda bad but I really had fun. I went with my mom, my dad, Jackie, and Doug. We went into lots and lots of shops. We also rode in a gondola it was so cool! Today I went on an airplane ride to Hannover, Germany. The ride was so rough I got a really bad stomach ache. It was not fun. I feel a lot better now. The really cool thing on the plane was that we flew over the Alps which are mountains with snow on them in Germany. See you soon bye bye.


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