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european tour 2008

March 12, 2008

the end...and the beginning

It’s hard to believe that we’re on our way home. It’s the first leg of a long trip from Madrid to Munich and then Munich to LA. I’m actually on the plane right now! The last couple days have been another whirlwind but wonderful yet again. In San Sebastián, we had a full house of 1800 people. It was very different from the Paris audience, very relaxed-feeling. In Paris, one had the feeling that the audience was waiting to be critical, although in the end of course they didn’t seem to be that at all. In San Sebastián everybody seemed to be very relaxed, and just waiting to be enthusiastic, which they were – and they were incredibly enthusiastic. In a way, much as we loved Vesselina Kasarova, it was great to end with a program of Uri Caine and the Orchestra, because it’s much more about the Orchestra. And the audience was as enthusiastic about that as any audience had been about any of our concerts.

spending a regular day in paris
March 10, 2008

Paris 3.8.08

Today, the patrons were free during the morning to shop and tour Paris on their own. That meant that I was also free to fill my first day in Paris. Trying to decide what to do first in the city of my dreams was an overwhelming task, especially after traveling through two other amazing cities in the last four days and battling a cold which seemed to be enjoying this trip too much to leave.

paris concert and getting to know Vesselina Kasarova
March 10, 2008

The last two concerts have been incredibly exciting, in part because they’ve been in two major capitals of Europe, where the audiences have been wildly enthusiastic both about LACO and about Vesselina Kasarova. At the Théatre des Champs-Elyéees in Paris last night there was a mob scene in the lobby, with people waiting to buy tix for last night’s performance as well as to pick up tickets at will call. There seems to be a system, which I couldn’t ever quite figure out, whereby empty seats not filled by subscribers are allowed to be filled by people who come buying tickets for the night. They pay some reduced price and stand in some kind of waiting area, and just before the concert started, suddenly all the empty seats got filled. So not only was it sold out, but it was oversold, if you like. The house was absolutely packed, literally up to the rafters. It’s a beautiful theatre that a has a wonderful history of all kinds of fabulous musicians having played there and playing there to this day, so for me at least, it was very exciting to be there.

patrons in berlin and paris
March 07, 2008

Danielle Harrell wanted to share some experiences from the patrons who have joined the Orchestra in Europe. The patrons are traveling with the Orchestra to select cities on the tour, attending the concerts, and enjoying additional local attractions and activities. The past few days included the concert in Berlin, a visit to the Holocaust Memorial and more. From Danielle:

three crazy days and three incredible concerts
March 06, 2008

We have just arrived in Berlin, and it is cool but beautifully sunny – the first real sun we have had the entire trip. Some members of the group are taking advantage of the afternoon and evening off to explore this amazing city, while some of us catch up on laundry, work, whatever, which also feels very good after three days in a row of traveling and performing the same day.

hamburg review recognizes LACO's "classical brilliance"
March 05, 2008

Classical Brilliance from Hollywood

Die Welt, Hamburg
5 March 2008
By Helmut Peters

classical kusc's gail eichenthal sends postcards from europe
March 05, 2008

Classical KUSC’s Gail Eichenthal joined the Orchestra this week in Vienna and is reporting back through Spotlight on the Arts on KUSC 91.5 fm, via 60-second features at the top of the hour this week at 8am, 1pm and 5pm.

a day off in venice, treviso and the fazioli factory
March 03, 2008

It was a short bus ride from Ferrara to Treviso, where the theater, if anything, was even more beautiful to look at and certainly more beautiful acoustically than the one in Ferrara. We’ve tried to give you a sense of this from one of the photos, and I don’t think you really get a sense of how absolutely gorgeous that theater is. It was small, it was absolutely full, although there were a few no-shows in the orchestra, sadly. But the tickets were sold out and we had to scrounge to get a few tickets for friends, in fact.

success in ferarra
February 29, 2008

Today was the day that we started working again. It was very hard for the musicians because they, I think, were particularly jetlagged, as one tends to be on the third day of such a trip. But we had a big rehearsal in the afternoon where everybody got to meet Vesselina Kasarova for the first time and to hear her absolutely magnificent voice in preparation for the concert tomorrow night in Treviso.

day off in ferrara
February 28, 2008

On Wednesday, we spent our first full day in Ferrara, which was one of our three days off on the tour where we have no travel and no performance or rehearsal. When we woke up, we walked down the hall of the hotel and heard various violins and violas playing, which was a great sensation. Julie Gigante said she’d been awakened by Allan Vogel’s oboe in the next room, fortunately not horribly early, but of course that’s something you can’t miss, and some people even heard the horns. This orchestra has definitely taken over the hotel here in a wonderful kind of way! There’s a common breakfast room, breakfast comes with the room, so we see one another at breakfast, although there’s a long period during which you can eat. Some of us are still somewhat jet-lagged and sleep until our alarms go off so that we can make it to breakfast just before it cuts off at 10 o’clock. In any case, those who are diligent spend quite some time practicing, even on a day off.

LACO lands in Ferrara
February 26, 2008

We’re in Ferrara. It’s been a very long day, with two flights and a bus ride, the most spectacular part of which was the ride over the Alps between Frankfurt and Venice. We’re sending a couple pictures of that to the Flickr site so people can see. They were taken out of the plane (as you’ll see, because you can see the wing of the plane).


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