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June 28, 2012

movie music . . .

Ever notice how intensely the musical score in a film or TV show can impact your overall viewing experience?

emily's find
June 27, 2012

On June 21, LACO received an email from a volunteer at the Woodland Public Library, which hosts weekend activities for elementary school students, with a resource for kids who want to learn the words to songs that are both educational and fun. One of the participating students found the link during computer time while they were preparing for weekend celebrations of World Music Day. Thanks, Emily, for sharing your find with LACO’s Kid’s Eye View blog for everyone to enjoy.

welcome summer 2012: what my summer sounds like
June 20, 2012

Today, June 20, we welcome summer! The seasons have long been a source of inspiration for composers. From Vivaldi to Piazzolla, many have attempted to manifest the life of each interval into concertos and tangos alike. Similarly, every person has music that reminds them of summer or evokes the essence of this season.

an evening to remember
June 12, 2012

I am pleased to bring you a review of this year’s Silent Film, by eight year old Willa Hawthorne, daughter of executive director Rachel Fine, who attended the event with her best friend, Lola. We hope that everyone enjoyed the films as much as Willa; it was a memorable evening for all.

close shaves
June 05, 2012

Every industry has its tales of close shaves and as we begin preparation on the first of LACO’s two 2012-13 program books, I am reminded of two that I experienced.

welcome, julia!
June 04, 2012

Please welcome LACO’s new marketing & development intern, Julia Rosenstock, who joins LACO through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission internship program. A Los Angeles native, Julia joins LACO after her first year at Bard College in New York. She brings a deeply engrained love of music and a desire to learn more to help propel LACO through the summer months:


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