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July 31, 2012

ACSO conference 2012 and forging community bonds

I just spent the past three days in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world, talking shop with a host of representatives from orchestras all over the great state of California at the annual Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO) conference. It was a fantastic and eye-opening experience. When you attend these kinds of conferences, often you hear the same buzz words being tossed around and around. The theme of the conference was Entrepreneurial Spirit: Balancing Risk and Reward, and although there were many new and innovative topics that surfaced, the topic that most resonated with me was the issue of community engagement.

on the virtues of being grubby
July 23, 2012

Chances are, when you catch sight of LACO staffers at a concert, we’re dressed in our Sunday (or Saturday night) best. But today, if you were to walk into LACO headquarters at the World Trade Center downtown, you’d catch us in old jeans and sneakers, and possibly with a little grime smudged on our faces. That’s because today is our annual Grubby Day, when we largely ignore email (except to finally empty the 2,000 messages in the “Deleted Items” folder), and temporarily put aside work on marketing campaigns and production schedules, to clear out the detritus accumulated over the past season and get things ship-shape for the season to come. As surely as summer follows spring, Grubby Day arrives with the start of LACO’s new fiscal year, and it’s truly a cleansing ritual, in which we figuratively – and sometimes literally – sweep away the cobwebs from our mental and physical work spaces.

midsummer classic
July 10, 2012

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of summer. Tonight in Kansas City, the best of the best in Major League Baseball will face off in the midsummer classic – The 2012 All-Star Game. Why do I love it so much? From the storied history of teams that have existed for over 140 years, to the finesse of a curve ball, to the smells of the baseball stadium (the grass, the hotdogs, the hot summer sun), it’s safe to say I love just about everything about this game.

meet ammi, our new intern!
July 06, 2012

Each year, LACO applies through the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) for a high school intern to assist with office projects. I would love to introduce you to Ammi Meza, this year’s CRF intern, whose hard-work and positive attitude have brightened the summer days at LACO’s office:


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