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September 27, 2013



It’s a new season of LACO and your favorite “Newbie” blogger is back with some insightful, and maybe somewhat misguided, perspective on all things to do with classical music! Not that this season I can call myself an expert or anything, but I can safely say that LACO is slowly chipping away at my willful cultural ignorance, and I continue to write about that process here.

it's that time of year again . . . the new LACO season has begun!
September 22, 2013

It’s that time of year again: It’s cooling off, leaves are turning vibrant shades of red, orange and brown, and people are pulling their heavier sweaters out from the back of their closets. OK, you got me. None of those things actually happen in Los Angeles, land of never-ending heat and a year-round green (and brown) landscape. But it’s nice to mark the start of fall with some sort an annual tradition, and lucky for me, LACO has filled that void with the start of their new season. I went to their season premiere concert on Saturday at the Ambassador Auditorium, and I get the pleasure of telling you all about it!

turkish delight
September 17, 2013

A while back, dubstep — a subgenre of electronic dance music whose origins date back to the late 1990s — was all the rage. If you turned on any pop radio station in the middle of this fad, you would have noticed hints of dubstep in many of the songs in heavy rotation. Of course, the version of dubstep that made it into the mainstream was a watered-down version, easily digestible and only tenuously connected to the original music. This kind of musical appropriation happens all the time, and it’s not at all something new.

today marks the start of an epic giving streak: #LACO205
September 16, 2013

This year, LACO is embarking upon what we hope is going to be an epic giving streak – 205 days, which includes every Monday-Friday beginning today and going through the end of June! We are calling upon all of LACO’s friends, family and fans to help us build up funds for all things artistic, education and community-oriented. I have to say, it would be so awesome to have a giving streak of a donation every day for this whole season.

"luck be a musician tonight"
September 12, 2013

“I am not counting at all on the creative talents of the performers.” Lutosławski

meet benjamin beilman
September 04, 2013

Exposition, our latest blog series, introduces you to the young musicians making their LACO debuts, fills you in on the contemporary composers having their pieces premiered by LACO and brings you up to speed on music by composers whose names you recognize but would prefer not to come up in Trivial Pursuit!


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