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December 31, 2013

giving back

giving back

As we ring in the New Year I wanted to take a moment to reflect on LACO’s extraordinary social media giving campaign. Currently on day 78, #LACO205 challenges LACO patrons to generate a donation every day of our season through June (205 days). We have had resounding support and success in keeping our epic giving streak alive. Over the past several months, LACO has featured a vibrant campaign full of engaging content (pictures, videos, articles, blogs), giveaways, prizes, raffles and acknowledgements for our dedicated LACO patrons who contribute through #LACO205. One of our favorite features in our campaign is rewarding our followers at the end of the week for keeping the streak alive by featuring a musician pick: an artist, work, or track that the featured LACO musicians have been listening to lately and finds particularly exciting. I promise there are some very surprising and enlightening picks from our musicians! Be sure to check out the complete listing of musician picks.

December 30, 2013

LACO’s November performance of Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony was a pretty cool one for me because I got to bring a very special guest: my mom. A resident of British Columbia, she doesn’t make it down to LA very often; so I when I saw there was a LACO performance scheduled for the week she was visiting, I knew I had to bring her. She reads all of my blogs (obligatory mom thing) and was interested to see some of the people I’ve written about in action. I wanted her to experience the magic of Jeffrey Kahane, or Margaret Batjer, or any of the other amazing composers, concertmasters, and soloists I’ve seen. I just really wanted her to enjoy LACO as much as I have.

music with a message
December 19, 2013

Music isn’t a curio that sits on a shelf, untouched by the world. Music’s sole purpose isn’t just to be pretty and entertaining. Music is part of the world, sometimes a reflection of the world as it is, in all of its imperfection. At times, music reflects an ideal vision of the world, as it should be. Sometimes it is a call to arms, a message for the dictators, a beacon of hope for the oppressed.

an introduction of sorts
December 13, 2013

Hello everyone!

My journey to LACO has been quite the meandering one. I grew up with music as an important part of my life, always going to symphony concerts, the ballet or local theatre productions in Oregon. I was very fortunate that the arts were a priority in my family, being involved both as a supporter and a musician—I played flute, violin and piano (although piano was the one that finally stuck). I found myself accompanying the school jazz choir along with members of the resident garage band, and subsequently graduating to more sophisticated material during summer master classes with Daniel Pollack. Looking back, I can certainly credit these formative years as the catalyst for my desire to pursue a career in arts management.

lausd students open their ears to meet the music
December 11, 2013

As the house lights dimmed in Zipper Hall, a tide of applause and excited voices rose, even before a single musician set foot on stage. But when LACO education artists-in-residence PROJECT Trio, members of the LA Chamber Orchestra and guest conductor Chris Rountree emerged, the audience, as they say, went wild. This group of LAUSD fourth and fifth-graders, filling all 400 seats and then some, are mostly first-time concert-goers, but they quieted down immediately when the players launched today’s Meet the Music concert with an inventive arrangement of the William Tell Overture. On their first pass at the familiar theme, the ensemble played it straight, but the second time, PROJECT flautist Greg Pattillo improvised playfully. Heads nodded in recognition. In the weeks before getting on the bus to downtown LA, students learned about the idea of re-invention in art by their teachers and visiting LACO docents. Then just like that, the live music sparked a connection – these kids get it.


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