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March 23, 2014

what do you get a 329-year-old music icon?

This weekend LACO celebrated Bach’s birthday and in a major social faux-pas, I plumb forgot to bring a present. Whoops! Johann Sebastian Bach was born this month in 1685, and I’m not exactly sure what you get for a man firmly rooted in his fourth century of being a major player in the international music scene. Perhaps something that he wasn’t able to enjoy during his lifetime? After all, Bach died in 1750, before many commonplace things we use daily even existed, including the first published dictionary (1755), carbonated beverages (1767), the flush toilet (1775), and the hot air balloon (1783). Hell, Bach never got to see the horrors of the guillotine (1789) – but that’d make for a pretty lousy birthday present.

hope springs eternal - even on the hill
March 19, 2014

...especially on The Hill! As the folks of Chavez Ravine referred to their hamlet nestled in the baby Santa Monica Mountains. Truth is I love baseball – love baseball at the park the way God and country intended it to be watched. And every game I went to last year as I watched the magic of the double play turned from second base to first I thought of the magic under all those bases. The magic is this: Several residents that Culture Clash interviewed for our play CHAVEZ RAVINE claimed to have been born in houses near second base and shortstop.

the comeback kid
March 16, 2014

So it’s JS Bach’s birthday again. LACO will be celebrating with the composer’s music, of course. This time it’s the exquisite Concerto in D minor for Two Violins. In addition to being a fine example of the Baroque concerto, the work will also showcase the talents of Jaime Laredo and Jennifer Koh.

SUBJ: a personal musical journey
March 14, 2014

In honor of Women’s History Month, we bring you this short, first-person memoir from Judith Rosen, which tells how she began her work as a respected researcher and writer on women composers. LACO is honored to call Judith a member of our Emeritus Board of Directors. She is author of, among other writings, Grażyna Bacewicz: Her Life and Works.

every stradivarius violin has a story to tell…
March 10, 2014

Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari is generally considered the greatest and most significant artisan in his field. In addition to violins, he also crafted harps, guitars, violas and cellos. By current estimate, he made more than 1,100 instruments throughout his life. About 650 of these instruments survive, including between 450 and 512 violins.


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