CQ: Instrumental, Volume 1

Concierto barroco

By José Enrique González-Medina

Premiered November 25, 2020

About José Enrique González Medina

José Enrique González Medina (b. 1954) grew up in Tijuana, where he was surrounded by music at family gatherings. He studied music formally in Mexico City, where he learned more about the music of his country. Medina was fascinated with both the folk traditions and more cultivated art music of Mexico. The diversity of these influences has informed his work throughout his career. The titles of many of his pieces refer specifically to places in Mexico or in Baja California. For six years, Medina hosted a bilingual program on KUSC that presented Latin American concert music. His music touches both the past and present histories of Mexican music. Concierto barroco was premiered in 2003 by Pacific Serenades, the ensemble which commissioned the piece.

About CQ: Instrumental

Musician-focused companion videos from inside the world of Close Quarters, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s new premium streaming series. Available starting November 25 at 10 AM.

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