SESSION: rountree

Friday, October 11 @ 8 p.m.

Featuring site-specific visual concepts staged by art collective Four Larks, SESSION is a unique experience where LACO musicians join forces with compelling composers.



Having Never Written a Note for Percussion

Approximately 5 minutes

Sam Adams

Shade Studies

Approximately 8 minutes Learn More

Jessie Marino

Rot Blau

approximately 6 minutes Learn More

Kate Moore


approximately 12 minutes Learn More

Eric Wubbels


approximately 21 minutes Learn More


Pico Union Project

1153 Valencia Street, Los Angeles CA 90015

Pico Union Project

1153 Valencia Street, Los Angeles CA 90015

October 11, 2019 8:00pmTickets


Each SESSION program is designed to fit the unique properties of a space and test ideas about the relationship between performers and audience.

About Four Larks

Four Larks is a Downtown LA-based creative collective led by Director Mat Sweeney & Designer Sebastian Peters-Lazaro. They are best known for their Ovation Award winning ‘junkyard operas,’ which combine wildly original music, choreography and site-specific design, staged in unexpected locations. Their work bridges new music, avant-pop, dance, and immersive theatre, to create radical performance experiences.