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LA architect reveals her musical inspirations

November 18, 2009

In this installment of Music Inspires, Judit M. Fekete, the President and CEO of SPF:architects , discusses the musical muses that have influenced her life and her work.

Which music inspires me most? Do I have to choose only one? I do not know which one to choose. In general, for inspiration, I like to listen to Baroque music. The reason is that Baroque music has a constant almost mathematical flow. I notice that it clears my mind and sets me to a steady, creative and problem solving rhythm. One of my favorite of the favorites is not Baroque. It is Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta. But the reason that it resonates with me is, like the Baroque music, it has a mathematical structure.

Now, for monotonous-tedious tasks, I select Telemann, because his music is like the language Sanskrit: no deviation, no exception to the rule. But, I feel most creative listening to Bach, because Bach always tweaked the rules, always challenged them; still, he stayed in though widening the realm of Baroque music. My nature is like one to challenge the rules and get alternative answers.

Baroque music’s mathematical logic and contrapuntal structure inspire my brain without thinking. It gives boundaries to my boundlessness. But it also clears and cools. It even gives me a place I like to escape to.

Judit M. Fekete serves as the managing principal of SPF:architects, overseeing its strategic direction and maintaining the firm’s rigorous reputation for quality. In addition to private residences and commercial buildings, SPF:a’s projects include the Getty Villa, the Pantages Theater, LACMA West and Shakespeare festival LA. Read more at the SPF:a website.

Thanks, Judit, for your insights about music. What music inspires you? Comment below.

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I wonder if Judit enjoys minimalist music? Or Chance music, because they too are sometimes based off of mathematical formulas and experiments. The relationship between math and music is amazing.

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