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May 05, 2010

In yesterday’s blog post we answered questions that children had submitted at the end of our Jokin’ Baroque Family Concert Sunday, May 2, 2010. A few of the questions were directed to specific musicians, and we’ve heard back and have the answers for you today.

Justin, a 6 year old from Pasadena, asked our concertmaster Margaret Batjer, “How many violins do you have? How many violins do you play with?” Margaret responds,

Dear Justin,

I own 2 violins. My main violin is an old Italian violin made by Stradivarius and Amati between 1688-1705. It is an incredible violin that I love. That is the violin that you heard me play on Sunday. Several years ago I asked a wonderful violin maker here in Los Angeles named Mario Miralles to make a copy of my violin so that I would have a spare violin. I am actually playing that new violin at a concert on Thursday. I can only play 1 violin at a time, but because I love my old violin so much I generally play it in concerts, but use my Miralles when I want a different kind of sound.

Thanks for coming to the concert!

Carissa, age 9 of Glendora, asked our lutenist and plucked-string extraordinaire John Schneiderman what inspired him to play the theorbo, an instrument in the lute family with 14 strings and a very low range. John writes,

Dear Carissa,

I started playing the ukelele at age five, and at age nine began on the banjo and the guitar. I became interested in Renaissance music and began playing the lute at age eighteen. My interest in other instruments of the plucked string family and my interest in baroque music eventually led me to the theorbo which has enabled me to play with larger ensembles such as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra that requests the theorbo as part of the continuo section which also includes the harpsichord, organ, cello, bass and of course the archlute and the baroque guitar which are the other instruments I play with LACO.

Best wishes,

John Schneiderman

Read the answers to more questions in yesterday’s blog post

We look forward to seeing all of you at our Family Concerts next season, and answering more of your questions so that we can learn more about music together!

Have a question that can’t wait? Ask it in our comments section, and we will find you an answer!

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