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June 19, 2014

the finish line

the finish line

Have you ever trained for a race? You know—you sign up for a big race, immediately feel giddy and you start to anticipate what it will be like when you cross that finish line. You’ll probably pat yourself on the back (metaphorically speaking, of course—unless you have a friend to help you out) and you’ll smile with pride because you’ve done something that you probably never thought you could. With two half-marathons under my belt and a third one in the works, I know that feeling all too well.

welcome Patty!
June 16, 2014

Every summer, LACO welcomes a new high school intern from the Constitutional Rights Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to “assuring our country’s future by investing in our youth today.” I am happy to introduce you to this summer’s intern, Patty Sanchez, who works with LACO through mid-July:

charlie chaplin's modern times
June 03, 2014

This year, LACO’s annual silent film screening features Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times and Kid Auto Races in Venice. Kally Mavromatis of WelcomeToSilentMovies.com offers a bit of history into both the films and the man himself.

roll the dice
May 08, 2014

What is aleatoric music? Before today, I had never heard of it; but, I don’t think I’m alone. As I write this blog, spell check is alerting me of a misspelling and has “no suggestions.”

make a fashion statement with LACO
April 17, 2014

On September 16, 154 Days ago and Day 1 of the #LACO205 challenge, LACO staff and musicians all received a #LACO205 t-shirt.

sound investment with Hannah Lash
April 11, 2014

In LACO’s latest Sound Investment Salon on February 20, composer Hannah Lash shared insights about her approach to composing and her world premiere composition, This Ease.

hope springs eternal - even on the hill
March 19, 2014

...especially on The Hill! As the folks of Chavez Ravine referred to their hamlet nestled in the baby Santa Monica Mountains. Truth is I love baseball – love baseball at the park the way God and country intended it to be watched. And every game I went to last year as I watched the magic of the double play turned from second base to first I thought of the magic under all those bases. The magic is this: Several residents that Culture Clash interviewed for our play CHAVEZ RAVINE claimed to have been born in houses near second base and shortstop.

SUBJ: a personal musical journey
March 14, 2014

In honor of Women’s History Month, we bring you this short, first-person memoir from Judith Rosen, which tells how she began her work as a respected researcher and writer on women composers. LACO is honored to call Judith a member of our Emeritus Board of Directors. She is author of, among other writings, Grażyna Bacewicz: Her Life and Works.

every stradivarius violin has a story to tell…
March 10, 2014

Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari is generally considered the greatest and most significant artisan in his field. In addition to violins, he also crafted harps, guitars, violas and cellos. By current estimate, he made more than 1,100 instruments throughout his life. About 650 of these instruments survive, including between 450 and 512 violins.

you are my inspiration
January 31, 2014

Wagner. Beethoven. Chopin.

From the looks of it, these do not look like men who love…or are sensitive…or have many feelings other than maybe anger…irritation…or general disgust. How then did these legendary figures compose such beautiful music full of emotion and passion? Where did their inspiration come from?

it's chilly outside! #WarmUpJanuary
January 03, 2014

I know cold weather. I’m from cold weather. I know all about snow: heavy snow, light snow, wet snow, sideways snow, flurries, slush and the dreaded ‘mixed precipitation’. I’m very familiar with forecasts such as, “today’s high will be 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but with the wind chill it will feel more like -10”. Philadelphia may not be as bad as places like Minneapolis or Chicago, but it certainly gets its’ fair share of cold weather.

giving back
December 31, 2013

As we ring in the New Year I wanted to take a moment to reflect on LACO’s extraordinary social media giving campaign. Currently on day 78, #LACO205 challenges LACO patrons to generate a donation every day of our season through June (205 days). We have had resounding support and success in keeping our epic giving streak alive. Over the past several months, LACO has featured a vibrant campaign full of engaging content (pictures, videos, articles, blogs), giveaways, prizes, raffles and acknowledgements for our dedicated LACO patrons who contribute through #LACO205. One of our favorite features in our campaign is rewarding our followers at the end of the week for keeping the streak alive by featuring a musician pick: an artist, work, or track that the featured LACO musicians have been listening to lately and finds particularly exciting. I promise there are some very surprising and enlightening picks from our musicians! Be sure to check out the complete listing of musician picks.

an introduction of sorts
December 13, 2013

Hello everyone!

My journey to LACO has been quite the meandering one. I grew up with music as an important part of my life, always going to symphony concerts, the ballet or local theatre productions in Oregon. I was very fortunate that the arts were a priority in my family, being involved both as a supporter and a musician—I played flute, violin and piano (although piano was the one that finally stuck). I found myself accompanying the school jazz choir along with members of the resident garage band, and subsequently graduating to more sophisticated material during summer master classes with Daniel Pollack. Looking back, I can certainly credit these formative years as the catalyst for my desire to pursue a career in arts management.

#LACO205 october enter-to-win
October 07, 2013

Exciting news: as we reach the first milestone of the epic marathon that is #LACO205, it is time for our first enter-to-win event!

an introduction
October 01, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Justin Pressman and I am the new development assistant at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Here is a little bit about myself and my favorite things:

professor andrew norman
July 19, 2013

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra is delighted to announce that Andrew Norman joins the music faculty at USC’s Thornton School of Music as a full-time professor this fall. Now in his second year as composer-in-residence with LACO, Andrew holds a faculty position that allows him to work at one of the finest music institutions in the United States and collaborate with highly distinguished faculty such as Donald Crockett, a former LACO composer-in-residence.


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