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February 27, 2011

LACO's french connection concert? fantastique!

How was your weekend? Mine was quite lovely, thank you for asking. My Saturday night was spent at the Alex Theatre, in the company of hundreds and hundreds of other concertgoers and some extraordinarily talented musicians, at LACO’s French Connection concert. It was a beautiful evening, through and through, so let’s start at the beginning. The first piece performed was “Pavane for a Dead Princess” by Ravel, and thanks to LACO’s informative eLACO about this concert, I had learned earlier in the week that a Pavane was a stately court dance from the 16th century. Do you receive eLACO newsletters? There’s lots of great, fun information in them. If you don’t, sign up for them on the home page of laco.org. Anyway, I’ll start by saying if this is what they danced to in the 16th century, then I’m glad I live 500 years later! (Running water is another nice perk of living now, too.)

LACO's first video ad: music and the mind
February 15, 2011

Beginning March 3, LACO will be beginning its Westside Connections series at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. This year’s theme? Music and the Mind

milton babbitt: an appreciation
February 02, 2011

I met Milton Babbitt once, and we talked about beer and potato chips. Afterwards, hearing from people who knew him, that was apparently not an unusual conversation to have had.


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