15 seasons, thousands of reasons!

As we celebrate Jeffrey Kahane’s 15 seasons as LACO’s music director, we are collecting literally thousands of reasons why LACOconcerts are so special to our supporters. For all these reasons and more, make a gift to LACO today.

jeffrey kahane’s 15 years of remarkable leadership and artistry

reason #25: “Twenty-seven Mozart piano concertos played and conducted by Jeffrey Kahane during two consecutive seasons. How many brains can hold all those notes and how many hands can communicate them so movingly and joyously? Answer: not many.” –LACO board member

reason #347: “I’ve been a fan of LACO since the days of Neville Mariner, and now, under the baton of Jeffrey Kahane you make such beautiful music together that it makes my heart soar. Jeff brings a warmth and a Gemütlichkeitto your performances which binds the audience and the orchestra together for truly memorable evenings.” – LACO subscriber

reason #13: Jeffrey Kahane, an Angeleno, celebrating his distinguished 15-year tenure with LACO.

reason #152: “Giving to LACO is a way of making sure that this incredibly talented group of musicians, led by their superbly gifted music director, will continue to be around to provide us all with their amazing presentations of old and new music. Their playing brings an emotional response from me every time, something that allows me to feel connected, not just to the music but to the musicians, as well.” – LACO board member

LACO engages the whole community

reason #7: LACO creates opportunities for diverse audiences of all ages to deepen their relationship with great music through KUSC broadcasts, meet the music and family concerts and tickets and transportation to concerts when concert tickets prove prohibitively expensive.

reason #127: “I give to LACO for the light it brings to children’s eyes.” – LACO board member

reason #632: Exciting activities. Energetic performances that are kid-friendly but meaningful. Rousing question and answer opportunities.The perfect way to introduce kids of all ages to the wonders of classical music.

reason #76: “When I told my students that we were going back to hear LACOconcerts again this year, they jumped to their feet and cheered.” – Paula Van Houten, elementary music teacher

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the mozart effect

reason #352: A popular theory postulates that listening to Mozart (and classical music in general) makes you smarter. LACO performs plenty of Mozart each year, and LACO fans are certainly smart

great concerts, innovative programming and more

reason #94: Musaic, A Chamber Music Marathon – Two days (May 6 & 7, 2006) of thrilling music covering Bach to Pierre Jalbert. Ten dollars for ten hours each day of classical music performed by renowned artists. Jeffrey Kahane’s gift to the city. Now, that’s my kind of marathon.

reason #87: LACO musicians bring the best out of the baroque. The Orchestra presents a whole series devoted to Baroque music – a favorite for many concert-goers and a period so influential to subsequent orchestral repertoire.

reason #192: The LA Chamber Orchestra has been awarded seven ASCAP Awards for Adventurous Programming and continues to program and commission new works every year.

reason #687: Presenting daring and cutting-edge soloists including mandolinist Chris Thile, electric guitarist Wiek Hijmans and Persian ney player Khosrow Soltani brings audiences exciting and remarkable new programs.

making great music personal

reason #1,004: “LACO makes us all feel like family, whether we are attending one of the concerts for the first time or the 100th. The musicians are all clearly happy to be there with us and with one another, and they make us, the individual patrons, feel as if they were playing for us in our own living rooms. Not to mention that the music-making is of the highest possible quality. Congratulations, Jeffrey; you are key in making this magic happen!” – 20+-year subscriber

reason #523: LACO works hard to be transparent about all that goes into putting together great classical music concerts. From meeting musicians and soloists backstage, to Twitter updates about new brochures arriving in the administrative offices, you are informed and engaged about all it takes to make great music.

reason #415: When I am incredibly happy or incredibly sad or incredibly frightened, music absorbs me into those feeling and helps me cope.

reason #111: My love of and involvement as an amateur violinist with classical music, especially chamber music.

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