Meet the Music

Presented free of charge to public elementary students in grades four through six, Meet the Music reaches approximately 3,200 children from more than 40 schools across greater Los Angeles County. The program fosters listening skills, encourages individual and group involvement in music making, and provides personal contact with musicians and composers.

Age-appropriate Orchestra concerts in Zipper Hall at The Colburn School or at the Alex Theatre in Glendale are supplemented by standards-based curriculum materials and classroom visits from knowledgeable volunteer docents

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad you’re interested in the program! Just download our online application and send it in to us as soon as you can. Schools are admitted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yes! Please download our online application and send it in to us as soon as you can. Schools are admitted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis.

Absolutely! Just make sure you attach a lesson plan with your application when you send it to us.

Although Meet the Music is primarily open to schools in LAUSD, we also welcome applications from Pasadena Unified School District and Burbank Unified School District. Please contact Taylor Lockwood directly to discuss other options and alternatives.

Meet the Music performances take place in downtown LA, at the Colburn School for the Performing Arts, 200 South Grand Avenue and at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.

Schools are responsible for arranging student transportation. On a need basis, LACO will try to help subsidize bus rental or Metro passes. Since our budget is extremely limited, we strongly encourage schools to pursue other resources first, such as PTA funds or grants.

You can, if space is available. More typically, one teacher will sign up multiple groups of students (different classrooms, for example) to attend different performances.

That’s up to you, but we’ll help! Prior to your students traveling to the Colburn School to hear LACO, we’ll send a docent to your classroom who will prepare your students for the experience of hearing a live performance of a world-class chamber orchestra. You’ll also receive a “teacher’s guide” with sample lessons plans, and filled with information about LACO, the upcoming concert, the artists who will be performing, stories about the lives of composers, and much, much more!

Your students’ participation in Meet the Music will allow you to address each of the five content standards:

  • Artistic Perception,
  • Creative Expression,
  • Historical and Cultural Context,
  • Aesthetic Valuing
  • Connections, Relationships, Applications.

The Teacher’s Guide includes suggestions on how to develop lesson plans that achieve the goals set by the standards.

Please visit our Opportunities page or email Taylor Lockwood for more information about Meet the Music docents.

Of course! Please email Taylor Lockwood for more information about the LA Chamber Orchestra’s Meet the Music program.