Executive director of The OREL Foundation and former LACO executive director Bob Elias spoke before this past weekend’s Hope concert about the tactics the Third Reich took to suppress and censor music. If you missed Bob’s extremely informative talk, here’s your chance to hear it.

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2019-20 Orchestral Series

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s vibrant and engaging 2019-20 Orchestral Series showcases the ensemble’s remarkable artistry and trademark mix of regal classics and music from today’s leading composers.

Bottled at the source

Juan Pablo Contreras, LACO’s on-deck Sound Investment composer, taps the wellspring of his Mexican heritage and the spirit of great nationalist composers in his latest work.

reframe & rearrange

LACO is working alongside Derrick Spiva Jr. — a classical music composer and LACO’s newly appointed artist-educator — to reimagine music education as an opportunity for youth to celebrate cultural differences.