British cellist Steven Isserlis chats with Brian Lauritzen about his musical upbringing and the perils of traveling with a Stradivarius. Listen in and see Isserlis play Haydn’s Cello Concerto No. 2 in D major on October 18/19.

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2019-20 Orchestral Series

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s vibrant and engaging 2019-20 Orchestral Series showcases the ensemble’s remarkable artistry and trademark mix of regal classics and music from today’s leading composers.

Bottled at the source

Juan Pablo Contreras, LACO’s on-deck Sound Investment composer, taps the wellspring of his Mexican heritage and the spirit of great nationalist composers in his latest work.

reframe & rearrange

LACO is working alongside Derrick Spiva Jr. — a classical music composer and LACO’s newly appointed artist-educator — to reimagine music education as an opportunity for youth to celebrate cultural differences.