Every summer, LACO welcomes a new high school intern from the Constitutional Rights Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to “assuring our country’s future by investing in our youth today.” I am happy to introduce you to this summer’s intern, Luz Valencia, who works withLACO through mid-July. In her first blog, she shares how she came to enjoy music:

“As a rising senior in high school and having only three years of true experience, I do not possess the knowledge that most musicians do, but one thing’s for sure: I love music. I was introduced to the saxophone in the seventh grade but did not actually begin to like it until I reached the ninth grade; when I met my loving band director. His love for music made my love for music grow stronger and even encouraged me to try a new instrument in the tenth grade, which is when I met the love of my life, the trombone. Ever since the day I laid hands on it I refused to put it down and practice every chance I get.

I am currently in the jazz band, concert band and am in charge of the marching band at my school. None of this was by chance or luck, I had to work hard to be part of these groups as I have done to become an intern here at LACO. With hard work comes great reward and I look forward to all the memorable experiences I will encounter and skills I will acquire.”