Caroline Benz

print & digital media manager

Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, Caroline Benz proudly joins the LACO family as the jack of all trades, both musically and professionally speaking. She started out her music education at a young age teaching herself piano. In fourth grade, she picked up trombone which would eventually become her concentration in college. During that time, she became eager to try new instruments and hear new sounds. She dabbled in baritone, trumpet, drums, guitar and even took a six week class on bagpipe.

Caroline attended Penn State and Temple University studying music theory. After two years of school, she decided it was in her best interest to enter the workforce and explore all of her career options. Her resume is decorated with experience in all industries: banking, airline, museum, and although not listed, organic thin-crust pizza (delicious). However, none of these were fulfilling and she realized she needed to combine her growing interest in business with her love for art.

Caroline could not be more excited to be involved with LACO and plans to continue her education in business and marketing.