photo Jimmy Hyten

photo Jimmy Hyten

Jackie Portillo-Hyten

development associate

Originally from El Paso, TX but hailing from Denver, CO Jackie is proud and excited to join LACO and begin a long and successful career in the arts and Music Administration. Jackie began playing piano when she was nine years old and foolishly stopped playing in her teens; her love of classical music and her appreciation for musicianship is what led her straight to LACO. One day she hopes to resume playing piano but in the meantime she will live vicariously through the talented musicians of LACO.

With a Master’s of Science in Forensic Science, a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and time spent in animal rescue, Jackie realized that she was not reaching her full potential so she turned to the arts. Currently working toward her Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in non-profits, Jackie genuinely believes that LACO is the best place for her. Not only will she have the opportunity to continue to grow and learn professionally but she will be working in a field she truly enjoys.

Jackie, her husband and their two cats now call Los Angeles home and although being here has been nothing short of a chaotic adventure—they are all looking forward to this new chapter in their lives.